How To Fix AOL Desktop Error Code 104 ? Symptoms & Solution

AOL Desktop is a special service application. But users could run into some issues when trying to access this software even though faults in this software are typically not escaped. Finding the best solution to the errors is, therefore, crucial. Errors have appeared in the AOL Desktop software for a variety of causes. But fixing such unpleasant mistakes is simple. Aol desktop error code 104 is fixable using correct troubleshooting steps.

One of the frequent issues that typically arise during the installation and updating of the AOL Desktop Gold software is the error code 104. This issue suddenly appears on the screen and does not go away. Additionally, it stops the user from installing AOL Desktop. As a result, the users find this situation to be quite frustrating. Let’s learn what are the reasons and resolutions to solve this issue.

How to Tackle Errors on Computers?

Since many of us depend so heavily on our computers, issues with them can be very problematic. Knowing where to start when trying to troubleshoot your computer can be difficult.

However, you’d be surprised at how many problems share standard solutions. Before seeking expert assistance, try these straightforward common solutions to determine if you can resolve the issue independently.

  • Run a thorough virus scan
  • Update your software
  • Test your Wi-Fi connection
  • Reinstall the operating system

Reasons for AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104

The following are the main reasons for such an error code:

  • The error can be due to AOL Desktop Gold’s incomplete installation.
  • Corrupt AOL desktop file.
  • Infection with malware or a virus in AOL desktop gold.
  • Corrupted AOL desktop download
  • Recent browsing or downloads may have damaged the Windows registry.
  • There are a lot of useless files on the system.

All these factors could cause problems for you and result in AOL Desktop Gold Error 104. To resolve this problem, you need to take some action. Although if you have a technical background, these methods are extremely straightforward. However, if you are unsure of it, you may also get help from the customer service provider team.

Symptoms of AOL Desktop Error Code 104

  • Your computer first begins to freeze.
  • Additionally, the system responds slowly or not at all.
  • The mouse and keyboard of the computer lag.
  • Error 104 from AOL Desktop Gold continues appearing on the screen.
  • You may occasionally experience issues when using the AOL Gold desktop software for emailing or surfing.
  • Windows will also start unexpectedly crashing.

Essential Tips to Avoid AOL Error Code 104

Below we have outlined some solutions to avoid error code 104. The following are tips:

  1. Verify that Windows is updated to the most recent version.
  2. Make sure to regularly remove junk files from your system.
  3. Always download and install AOL Gold entirely. You shouldn’t rush through it.
  4. Install and continue to run antivirus software on your computer regularly. Your machine will be kept free of malware and viruses because of it.
  5. Additionally, make sure that AOL will function flawlessly on your device. The list is as follows:
  • Upgrade your PC first to Windows 7 or the most recent version.
  • Additionally, the system must have 1GB of RAM.
  • A fast internet connection is required.
  • AOL Desktop Gold would require Internet Explorer 7 or later to function.
  • The system processor ought to operate at 266 MHz or more.
  • Your computer’s screen resolution should be 1024 x 768 or above.

Solutions to Solve AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104

It’s simple to fix AOL Desktop Errors but you need to have some information technology knowledge. All you need to follow the troubleshooting methods listed below:

Solution 1: Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold

  • Visit the website of AOL Desktop Gold.
  • On your computer, download the AOL Gold software.
  • Then go to the Download folder by going to the File Explorer section.
  • Then, right-click on “Install_AOL_Desktop,” and click “Run” in the drop-down list.
  • You must then hit the “Install Now” option on the new screen.

Solution 2: Restart/Reboot Your System

  • Before restarting the machine, make sure to save the files.
  • Now, restart your system.
  • Wait till your system starts again.
  • The system’s internal memory inside the computer has now been cleaned.

Solution 3: Repair AOL Desktop Gold

  • Open the search menu and open Control Panel.
  • Now, click the “Programs” option.
  • Locate “AOL Gold” by opening “Programs and Features.”
  • When you right-click AOL Gold, select “Repair or Change.”
  • To fix the Gold Desktop, follow the instructions on the screen.

Solution 4: Remove the Junk Files

  • Open the run dialogue box from the “Windows + R” keys together.
  • Here type “cleanmgr” and press enter.
  • The screen for disc cleanup will appear.
  • Select the discs and folders you wish to clean up by selecting them.
  • Finally, press “Yes” to approve the deletion of the junk data.

Solution 5: Complete System Restoration

So, your system will date back to the last time you made any system modifications when you performed a system restore. Therefore, this action should only be taken when all other options have failed.

  • So, you must begin by pressing the Start button.
  • Then select “Support” by going to the “Help” menu.
  • Next, select the “Choose a Task” option.
  • Now choose the option to use the system restores feature to undo the changes.
  • As you go through these procedures, make sure there is a dot in the restore my computer for an earlier time option.
  • Then select the “Next” option.
  • After that, mention the date in bold format.
  • You must then click the “Next” button to finish the process.

Solution 6: Advanced Troubleshooting Steps To Resolve AOL Desktop Error Code 104

  • First, click on the Start button.
  • Then you need to look through the list of programs, find the “System restore” option, and click on it.
  • Select Recovery – Open System Restore.
  • Follow the on screen instruction for system restore process.
  • You must click the reconfirmation button after the system restore window has appeared.
  • Afterward, you must click the “Next” button to complete the process.
  • That might assist you in resolving the AOL Gold Update Error problem. Thus, using these techniques will help you resolve both problems swiftly.

So, these are the helpful solution to solve AOL Desktop error code 104 issues quickly. Hopefully, now you know the reasons, along with the steps to avoid this error in the future. If you still have issues with AOL Desktop Gold error code 104, download and reinstall AOL Desktop Gold onto your PC. Read more at

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